Though the Rain Comes…

At some point in our walk as Christians, we may have heard the phrase “praise God in the midst of the storm,” but have we ever thought about thanking Him in that same situation?

It’s a grey, rainy day in Bavaria, and there are few things more miserable to me than having to ride a bike in the rain. So of course, that’s what I had to do today. At the beginning of the ride, the drops were falling very lightly and only here and there. Ten minutes later, however, it started to drizzle consistently, the sky producing heavier drops. I started to do something I’ve done before: Ask Jesus to stop the rain. It’s worked in the past, so I thought “why not now?” Well, this time, it didn’t work. But I did not dwell on what God didn’t do. Instead, I thought about how perhaps the rain was necessary for the plants and trees and crops around me. So I thanked God for the very rain I had tried to drive away minutes earlier. And you know what happened in that moment?

The rain stopped.

I found this interesting, so I asked Jesus to explain. I felt as if He was saying “David, sometimes you have to meet Me where I’m at so you can see things through My lens. I promise I’m never far during these times.”
The rest of the bike ride I kept dwelling on that, and I guess I came to the conclusion that thankfulness is for good and bad. Like, sure, we can worship God when things get bad, but can we genuinely thank Him during the storms? The Bible says to enter His courts with thanksgiving. I honestly believe that if our first action when coming to the Lord is to thank Him, we’ll see the fruits in a totally refreshing way. Our thankfulness can move mountains as much as our faith can.

So wherever you are right now, whatever you’re going through, just thank Him. And I don’t mean just to find the good in your life and thank Him for that, but lump it all together. Say “Lord, this difficulty that I’m going through really sucks, but thank You for trusting me to get through it. Thank You for seeing my strengths and weaknesses and making them all stronger.” Or whatever else. Just be honest with the Lord and totally thankful and watch your own attitude change before the skies even clear.



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