Thoughts On: Kingdom Mentality

It’s funny how God works. Earlier this morning, as I was out pulling weeds in the garden, I kept thinking to myself “I haven’t written a blog post this week, and I said I was going to make the ‘Thoughts on’ thing weekly. But what should I even write about?” Well, I was just having a conversation about “Kingdom mentality,” and got inspired to write this. So look no further than this post for my thoughts on Kingdom mentality, ladies and gents.

For many years, I was raised as a “realist,” which is something that happens to most people. As a young child, you’re encouraged to be whatever you like. You want to be a firefighter? A wrestler? An astronaut? Sure thing, kid! Dream big!
But then you reach an age where you have to “grow up.” Suddenly, mommy and daddy and teacher go from saying “dream big” to “think realistically.” We’re eventually told that perhaps we should think smaller, that maybe our deepest desires and dreams aren’t so realistic because they’re so difficult to achieve, or that they won’t bring us enough money. This is most commonly seen with artistically-inclined individuals. The “starving artist” mindset is all too common, to the point where artists sometimes loathe when they are asked “so what are you studying?” I’ve had those moments as well, most commonly within my own family. But what does God say about dreaming big?

Jesus’ teachings are the biggest reason I allow myself to have big dreams and follow my passions. He said that to inherit the Kingdom of God, we have to be like the little children, the little children who delight in anything and everything and are overtaken by their imagination, the little children who never worry about the future, thinking that their parents will be there to guide them. The reality of this world forces them to abandon all these things as they get older.

Now, before I proceed, I want to make one thing clear in all of this: I am not saying that the reality of this world isn’t a real reality. The purpose of this post is to distinguish between the world’s reality and God’s reality. That being said, let’s continue.

Jesus also said “you have not because you ask not.” Now, while this doesn’t imply that God is a magical genie granting every wish we ask Him for, it does imply that we can ask God for anything. As we fall in love with God, we begin to desire the very things that are on His heart, and out of this love we can ask for anything and see it happen.
This is why I have met about a hundred people who do see anything and everything happen. People who have fallen so deeply in love with God that they see their dreams of the sick being healed, the deaf hearing, the blind seeing, the dead coming back to life, and many more being realized. Their relationship with God has inspired them to dream bigger than they ever thought possible. Through God they have have seen greatness happen in the lives of strangers and loved ones alike while also seeing radical greatness come to fruition in their own lives.

So how does one go from just hoping they’ll just be able to make it through an eight-hour work day to seeing the dead raised? The key is a complete and utter shift in perspective.

One more thing Jesus told us to do was to “take up your cross and follow Me.” Every day we must make a conscious effort to crucify our fleshly desires, yes, but along with that we must also crucify our worldly mindset. What good is it to be a new creation in Christ if we’re still thinking like the old person? Jesus’ mentality was not of this world, He did the things He saw His Father doing. And wouldn’t you know it, I guess God was healing tons of people, because that’s just what Jesus did.

See, He didn’t go around to the sick people and say “aw man, dude, that sucks. I’ll be praying for you, and I hope God does something cool in your life.” No way! Jesus lived out Gandhi’s famous quote thousands of years before he was even born: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Jesus taught us to bring Heaven to Earth, and this is the essence of the Kingdom mentality.

It is a daily struggle of mine to think in this way. To change my thoughts from “I hope this ends up happening” to saying “this WILL happen!” Negativity is a contagious disease, and I want no part of that sickness. In the conversation I mentioned earlier, I was called out for saying “I’m broke.” Though I said it partially in jest, it was pointed out to me that saying such a thing is not “Kingdom thinking.” The Kingdom of God is a treasure we are all entitled to. It is our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. But the best part is that the inheritance isn’t ours once we die, it’s ours right at this moment! Jesus died for us, making the inheritance possible through our adoption. So now the question is, if the “Kingdom of God is at hand” like Jesus said (literally at hand; it’s at our fingertips!), and we have the God-given authority to do as Jesus did and even greater things, why do we waste our time allowing our thoughts to wander through the wasteland of worldly reality?

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope this has helped in some way. I just want to encourage you today to ditch the mentality of “that’s impossible” in favor of God’s “I’m possible.” I want to encourage you to fall so madly in love with God that when you’re in line at Wal-Mart, you’re thanking God for every individual around you because you know He loves them. I pray you would have supernatural encounters in your everyday life. Add some fun to your world by ushering in the Kingdom of God wherever worldly mindsets reign. Be the change you want to see in this world by partnering with God and flooding your surroundings with love.

Love wins.


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