Anthem of Bravery

I’ve decided that Bethel Live’s new song, You Make Me Brave, is my anthem for this current season of my life.

As my time in Germany nears its end, I find myself uncertain about the future. What’s going to happen when I move back to Florida? How quickly will I be able to find a job? Will I be working multiple jobs? How soon will I have a car? How much time will I be able to spend with my girlfriend? Will I be able to go back to school? Will I be able to afford my own place? Will I be able to get involved with a church?
All these questions and more swirl around my head like an angry, buzzing bee, demanding my attention while I try to run and hide. The truth is, uncertainty scares me.

But God.

God has not given me a spirit of fear. And the more I listen to the song You Make Me Brave, the less powerful my fear becomes. I sing and proclaim these words over myself, with holy chills all over:
You make me brave,
You make me brave;
You call me from the shore into the waves

I adore the ocean as a poetic device; it’s just so perfect. We’ve only explored 5% of our oceans. Just for comparison, we have better maps of the moon and Mars than of our own ocean floor. The waters are full of uncertainty and terrifying things. Seas can be calm, or they can be fierce and powerful, dragging you down and stealing the very air your body holds so precious.

But God.

Jesus not only calmed the waters, He walked on them. He has full authority over the things we fear most. But what’s even crazier than that is that He gives us the same authority. Peter tried to walk on the water towards Jesus, but he doubted and fell in. Jesus immediately pulled him out. We are Peter. We try this crazy, impossible task of walking on the water, of trying to meet Jesus where He is, but we sink. When we sink, however, Jesus rushes to pull us out; He doesn’t stay where He is, He meets us where we are once we’ve made the effort. He rescues us and says “don’t doubt! Let’s try it again.”
That’s the beauty of Jesus. All we need to do is show initiative, and He joyful joins us the rest of the way.

In this season, He’s calling me from the comfort of the shore out into the uncertain ocean. I’m probably going to sink a few times. I’ll probably want to swim back to the shore. I’ll probably complain about how cold and unrelenting the water is.

But God.

He knows my heart, and He loves me anyway. I know He’ll be there to pull me to safety and say “come, let’s do it together.”

He makes me brave.


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