Thoughts on: Worship

(I’m starting a series called “Thoughts on,” and hope to be posting one weekly. If you have any topics you’d wish for me to share my thoughts on, please leave them in the comments. Thanks!)

Yesterday, during an insanely long Skype session with my girlfriend, she commented on the sound of the birds singing in the background, saying, “aw, listen to the birdies! Singing songs to Jesus.” I added to that with a thought about how birds worship God just by being; by doing what they were created to do.

It got me thinking enough to sit here and write a blog post about it. God takes delight in sweet little birds chirping every minute of the daylight, building their nests, feeding their young, and flying about. Their instinctual actions alone are worship unto their Creator. But let’s think on a grander scale: All of nature, not just birds, worship God daily. In the book of Luke, chapter 19, verse 40, Jesus tells the ones asking him to silence the shouts of worship surrounding Him “I tell you, if these keep silent, the very stones will cry out.” This verse leads me down a couple of trails:

1) Every atom of creation, from living to nonliving, to planets, stars, and the universe itself, all longs to worship its Creator. My thought is that simply by existing and performing the tasks God assigned to them, they worship Him in their splendor. Perhaps I’m taking creative liberty with this, since it’s not specifically written in the Bible, but God has created everything to have a purpose; He doesn’t make useless things. Everything created worships its Creator by simply doing what it does naturally (although I’d contest this with carnivorous species, as I don’t believe death was in God’s original plan for the world, but that’s a different topic). Humans are different though. We’re different in every aspect.
Humans don’t necessarily worship just by being, instead we’ve been given the choice of worshiping. For this reason, our worship is sweeter to our Father than any other creature’s, even the angels. We so move His heart, and nothing else in all of creation can claim that honor. This leads me to…

2) Creation longs to worship as we do. As I read Luke 19:40, a strange thought comes to my mind: “Rocks can’t cry out! Why would Jesus say such a thing?” Then I get to wondering if the Author of truth wasn’t just speaking the truth. Perhaps the stones would cry out in worship if no human on earth did. Maybe not just the stones, but every other single thing in the universe would as well. Perhaps this thought elevates us as human beings too much (although I don’t see how you can get any higher than being a “son of God,” which in itself elevates us to a mind-blowing place of honor), but I am of the opinion that stones, animals, stars, galaxies and every subatomic particle in existences longs to worship God as we do, but they are forced to hold back due to our place among created things. How the mountains and forests and nebulae long to shout with joy and praise to the Lord of all, but are required to remain silent so long as there is but one human whose thoughts are for the Lord, whose heart beats for Him, whose breath praises He who made it all.

No matter what the truth is, we can know this truth: God delights in the praises of His people. Never underestimate or put off your worship time. You can move His heart more powerfully than even the most beautiful angel. In fact, you move His heart so much that He left the paradise of Heaven to live among us and give Himself as a sacrifice so that we may delight in Him for all of eternity.

You are loved.


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