Yo soy Americano, and I care about Venezuela

By now the vast majority of us blogging, Internet-savvy types have heard about what’s going on in Venezuela (there’s also this handy video that’s been making the rounds as well).

Admittedly, I was behind with the news of this. I saw videos and posts appear on my Facebook feed, but I never watched them. I caught the gist of it all without actually reading any articles: peaceful protests in Venezuela. But just a few minutes ago, I took the time to educate myself on the whole situation, and I can honestly say, without a single drop of Venezuelan blood in my veins, that my heart is aching for these people.
My mother was born in Cuba, the daughter of Cuban parents and granddaughter of Spanish grandparents. My father is about as white as they come (Irish, German, etc). This is the blood coursing through my veins; my strongest link to the Venezuelan people is that we both speak Spanish. But there is a much greater bond that ties us together: the human element.

See, I don’t need to have visited a country to have a heart for its people. I don’t need to speak their language, eat their food, or even meet someone who was born there to understand that the cause of peace and justice is always to be supported. Perhaps not every protester has been peaceful, but the intentions of the opposition is one any person would stand for: We want better; not just for us, but for our children.

This may not be my best writing by a long shot, but this post isn’t about making my words flow. No, this one’s for Venezuela.

Aunque no seamos los dos hijos de Venezuela, si eres usted Venezolano/a, sepa que yo estoy en favor de tu causa. No somos hermanos de sangre, pero somos parte de la familia humana. Tu país esta en mis pensamientos, mi corazón, y mis oraciones.



One thought on “Yo soy Americano, and I care about Venezuela

  1. Muy bien dicho! I am Puertorican, and the only thing I have in common with Venezuelan is the language (and maybe music). I know a few people who are from this country, but the mere fact that these people are suffering abuse by their corrupt government makes me sad and angry.

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