Figured I’d take advantage of Valentine’s Day to talk about this.

In my last post, I briefly talked about long-distance relationships, and never is the distance between you and your significant other more apparent and painful than when all of Facebook is uploading pictures of themselves with their cutesy boyfriends or girlfriends.

Sadly, the majority of my relationship has been long-distance, even when I was back home. Four hours between Miami and Orlando can make things suck, especially when she has a busy class schedule and you have to work at Starbucks and have no car. Now, for the second year in a row, I’ve been forced to send gifts to her door, none of which were me. This time, however, there is an even greater distance between us. It is currently 8:32pm in Germany while it’s only 2:32 in Florida. In about half an hour we’ll have a Skype date and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

To put it in eloquent vernacular, distance really sucks. But as I count down the days until I can hold my beloved in my arms once more, I search for the positive in our situation.
For one, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” isn’t just some cheesy line you find on Hallmark cards or in a Lifetime movie; it’s a huge truth. Not that I didn’t value my girlfriend before I came here, but ever since our schedules started allowing us only a few hours a day to communicate (sometimes less), the appreciation I have for even a sentence from her over the Internet is astounding. The value that’s been placed on our daily time together exceeds what I imagined.
Another positive is that we’ve seen just how strong our love is. I know this is starting to sound really mushy, but just bear with me. In spite of limited contact, postal service miscues, and failed Internet connections, the love we started out with has grown with each passing day. We know we can survive this season of our lives, and the end result will be a more fruitful harvest.

So for those of you that get to see your loved ones today, please don’t take it for granted. Be so grateful you don’t have 195 days between you. Hold them, treat them with all kindness, and tell them you love and appreciate them all the time. Okay? Okay.



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