Sinners, Saints, & Nothing In Between

While browsing through certain tags today, I came across a Christian post titled “FOR SINNERS ONLY!” with a cutesy picture of an animal with hands clasped together as though praying. As a Christian myself, these types of things bother me. At one point and time, I was as legalistic as can be (albeit I was […]

Partnership & Offense

Partnership & Offense

Yesterday, as the sun shone through scattered clouds onto the small German village where six months remain to pass me by, I dug into Genesis 18. Most people who cite this chapter either do so to cite Sarah’s lack of faith or to speak of Abraham’s plea with God for the salvation of Sodom and […]

Yo soy Americano, and I care about Venezuela

By now the vast majority of us blogging, Internet-savvy types have heard about what’s going on in Venezuela (there’s also this handy video that’s been making the rounds as well). Admittedly, I was behind with the news of this. I saw videos and posts appear on my Facebook feed, but I never watched them. I […]


Figured I’d take advantage of Valentine’s Day to talk about this. In my last post, I briefly talked about long-distance relationships, and never is the distance between you and your significant other more apparent and painful than when all of Facebook is uploading pictures of themselves with their cutesy boyfriends or girlfriends. Sadly, the majority […]